How to order Vehicle from R3 Motoring Ltd.

How to order Vehicle from R3 Motoring Ltd.

Ordering a vehicle that meets your requirement via us is very easy. You can browse our website for available stocks or call us and select the vehicle.

Our dedicated professional sales team will assist you and will give you all the required information that you need to know about the vehicle you selected or intend to purchase. Whether you are well versed in English, Japanese, Russian and so on our sales team are ready to assist you at any time.

You can talk to our sales representatives via +94777788877 or + +81 807 945 6060 drop an email to inbox. Once we received your email we’ll contact you and discussed with you all the required information about the vehicle you are planning to buy along with the special discounts and (CIF, F & F, FOB) up to your port.

The way of shipping the vehicle to you

Along with the ordering process customers should send their Consignee details so that we can move to the next level where we arrange all invoices and shipping documents.

Once we have prepared those we’ll be sending the Performa Invoice to you via email or fax so that you can make the initial payment of 50% of the total amount through Telegraphic Transfer. All are customers are kindly advised to fax the Bank Transfer Receipt to our Company.

As soon as we get the confirmation of fund transfer from our bank we’ll be faxing you a copy of Bill of Landing of the vehicle and we expect you to settle the balance payment once you receive the BL Copy. If you have any clarifications or amendments to be done you can contact our sales representatives anytime via telephone, email or fax and we are happy to be at your service.

Upon on the confermation of full payment we’ll be forwarding you all the original paperwork relevant to the vehicle by UPS or DHL. Once the ship reaches your port you can collect your vehicle hassle free with the entire documents in hand.

4 steps of Exporting Vehicles

To import a vehicle from us is very easy. All you have to do is just follow the following steps carefully and your dream vehicle will come to your doorstep without any delay.

  1. Choose your vehicle directly from R3 MOTORING official website or with the assistance of our sales representative. Once you are done we’ll send you the Performa Invoice.
  2. Deposit an Advance Payment ( 50% of the FOB cost) by T/T and upon on this payment we’ll arrange the custom clearance and shipping to your destination.
  3. As the vehicle leaves our yard to the port to be shipped we’ll email you the BL Copy.
  4. Once you received the above mentioned please pay the balance amount and we’ll send you all the documents by UPS or DHL to your hand.
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