Shipping Documents

Most Countries require the following documents

Bill of Lading.

A document issued by a carrier, or its agent, to the shipper as a contract of carriage of goods. It is also a receipt for cargo accepted for transportation, and must be presented for taking delivery at the destination.

Among other items of information, a bill of lading contains

  1. Consignor's and consignee's name
  2. Names of the ports of departure and destination
  3. Name of the vessel
  4. Dates of departure and arrival
  5. Itemized list of goods being transported with number of packages and kind of packaging
  6. Marks and numbers on the packages
  7. Weight and/or volume of the cargo
  8. Freight rate and amount

It serves as a proof of ownership (title) of the cargo, and may be issued either in a negotiable or non-negotiable form. In negotiable form, it is commonly used in letter of credit transactions, and may be bought, sold, or traded; or used as security for borrowing money. A bill of lading is required in all claims for compensation for any damage, delay, or loss; and for the resolution of disputes regarding ownership of the cargo. The rights, responsibilities, and liabilities of the carrier and the shipper under a bill of lading (often printed on its back) are governed generally either by the older Hague rules, or by the more recent Hague-Visby rules.

Commercial Invoice.

Document required by customs to determine true value of the imported goods, for assessment of duties and taxes. A commercial invoice (in addition to other information), must identify the buyer and seller, and clearly indicate the

  1. Date and terms of sale,
  2. Quantity, weight and/or volume of the shipment,
  3. Type of packaging,
  4. Complete description of goods,
  5. Unit value and total value,
  6. Insurance, shipping and other charges (as applicable).

Cancellation of Registration.

This is the document which proves that the vehicle has been exported from Japan. Also it shows all the technical details of the vehicle.

Translation of Registration Certificate.

Along with the original Registration Certificate we can provide you a translation copy of the cancellation certificate in English or and language your preferred.


This is kind of certificate providing by JAPAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE to certify the exporter documents are true and correct.

Marine Insurance.

Coverage against loss of or damage to a ship; and in-transit cargo loss or damage over waterways, land, and air.

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